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//i31.takemore.netThe Tamaris 12240320001 12240320001 model catches the eye with its original design, and at the same time with a coherent and thoughtful distribution of accents - designers have adapted to current fashion trends. Tamaris 12240320001 is also characterized by great workmanship. The upper deserves special attention - it was made of the (synthetic) component, which guarantees proper ventilation and perfectly fits the leg. The innovative solutions used as structural elements are responsible for the comfort. The sole is also an extremely important element of everyday shoes. In this model, Tamaris is durable, flexible and gives good grip (also on slippery surfaces) - it was made of a durable compound, resistant to abrasion. The thermal protection profile of this model has been adjusted all year. Universal shoes Tamaris for women is the result of many years of experience of designers and hundreds of tests - the end result is comfort and confidence at every step.

Tamaris 12240320001

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